Why Join?

The Credit Union Difference

Although credit unions offer similar products and services to banks, credit unions have some key differences. Credit unions are composed of members that take part in a not-for-profit, full service financial cooperative that shares its successes with its members.

Our branches in Fort Lee and Prince George, Virginia offer savings accounts along with checking accounts. With the ability to offer higher dividend rates, credit unions are committed to helping you achieve your personal finance goals.

Large banks are for-profit organization, fee driven and open to anyone. The financial products offered between a credit union and a big bank are very similar, but at Fort Lee Federal Credit Union, the member comes first.

Benefits for You

This cooperative structure enables Fort Lee Federal Credit Union to distribute profits back to you through:

  • Higher savings dividends
  • Lower loan rates
  • Low or no fees for services
  • Financial education for you and the community
  • Financial and volunteer support for the community

crowd holding signs listing credit union benefits

Your Voice Counts

As a member, you are an owner of the credit union, and you have an equal voice to all other members. As a member-owner, you can vote annually for the Board of Directors. After all, board members are directly elected by our members and our Board of Directors are made up solely of volunteers.

We understand your needs. With member service, checking and savings accounts, credit card options and more, Fort Lee Federal Credit Union is able to offer the same financial services that banks offer.

Differences at a Glance

Listed below are some key differences between credit unions and banks:

Credit Unions


Common bond to join



For profit



Board of Directors elected by members

Board of Directors elected by stockholders

Board of Directors are volunteers

Board of Directors are paid

Member Owned (one vote per member)

Stockholder Owned (no votes for customers, only stockholders)

Fewer to no fees

Fee Driven


To learn more about credit union membership benefits, stop by one of our branches located in Prince George and Fort Lee, Virginia.