Share Accounts

Primary Savings (Primary Share Account)

This is your primary savings account. As part of the initial membership process with Fort Lee Federal Credit Union, you will open a share account and make an initial deposit of $25.

Youth Savings

We invite youth to start saving early. We offer Custodial Savings Accounts for minors, with an adult joint on the account.

Savings Revolution

Want a separate savings account to save for a special event or purchase, or to build savings? A Savings Revolution Account encourages building savings incrementally. With each paycheck, you can allocate a set amount—even just $5 or $10—be deposited into this account. Then sit back and watch your savings grow.

Christmas Club Savings

Be prepared for the holiday shopping season with a Christmas Club Account. With each paycheck, you can allocate a set amount to be deposited and watch your savings grow throughout the year. You'll automatically receive the entire balance plus all the dividends you've earned during the year—right when you need it (early November).

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Truth in Savings Share Account Info


◊ APY = Annual Percentage Yield

◊◊◊◊ Share Accounts require an Average Daily Balance of $300.00 to earn the stated dividend. Primary Share Accounts require a $25 minimum deposit to open. IRA Share Accounts require a minimum deposit of $100 to open. Christmas Club Accounts require a minimum deposit of $5 to open. Rates are subject to change quarterly as determined by the Credit Union Board of Directors. Last updated 12/20/18. Dividends are calculated using the average daily balance and are paid and compounded quarterly. Dividends are not paid on accounts closed before the end of the quarter. For additional information, please read the Truth in Savings Share Account Disclosure.