Attention debit card holders: starting February 11, 2019, debit card fraud alerts will be texted to your cell phone.

  • The text messages apply to debit card transactions, both point of sale and online.
  • If the transaction is suspected as possible fraud, you will receive a text message requesting a response.
  • Text messages will always come from this number: 32768
  • You may choose to respond:
    • YES for a valid transaction that you recognize. You may continue using your card.
    • NO if you believe the transaction to be fraud. Your card will be blocked.
    • STOP to opt out of the texting service
    • HELP to receive a phone number to call for assistance
  • Text messages will be sent between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM local time, based on your area code.
  • If Fort Lee FCU does not have a valid cell phone number on file, or you do not respond to the fraud text message, you will receive a phone call from our Fraud department regarding the transaction.
  • If your card is blocked, please contact the Fort Lee FCU Fraud Center at 877-253-8964.
  • You are automatically enrolled in this feature, but you may opt out if desired by replying STOP to the text message.
  • Data carrier charges may apply.

Questions? Call us at (804) 452-0736.