Used Auto Loans

Used Auto Loans

Give a used car a second chance with interest as low as 3.49%* APR.

Whether you’re unable to afford a brand new car or you simply need a trusty steed with a few miles on the clock to get you from point A to point B, we’re here to help guide you through the used auto loan process. As intimidating as it may seem, it’s really as simple as reaching out and letting us do the rest for you.

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Competitively Low Used Auto Loans

Securing annual percentage rates that benefit you in the long run can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re negotiating through a dealership. However, at Fort Lee FCU you’re able to drive away in the car that suits your needs best without having to break the bank.

Speak to one of our professional loan advisors to guide you through the used auto loan process in order to make the right financial decisions, for both short-term and future purposes.

Take advantage of attractive terms and rates on used auto loans:

  • Rates as low as 3.49%* APR available up to 84 months
  • Vehicles up to seven model years old qualify
  • Up to 100% financing available of the NADA retail value, including tax, title, warranty, and GAP not exceeding 125%

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Saving In The Long Run With Used Auto Loans

Need more information on used auto loans before making a final decision? Apart from speaking to one of our professional loan advisors, you’re able to take advantage of additional resources for peace of mind.

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As a Fort Lee Federal Credit Union member, you’re able to enjoy other benefits with competitive rates and flexible terms. Find the most suitable loan option to match your needs.

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Used Auto Loans For The Pre-Loved Car Of Your Dreams

Dealer financing may sound appealing, like a one-and-done deal on the lot, but think again.

At Fort Lee FCU, we’re able to offer competitive used auto loans that ensure you’re getting optimal rates, flexible terms, and no gray area that leaves you wondering if there was a better deal around the corner.

Let us help you not only get places but become your trustworthy companion for when you feel the need to explore.

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*New or Used Vehicle Loans: 3.49% APR is applicable on New or Used Vehicles for terms up to 60 months. Terms up to 84 months available depending on model, mileage, and amount borrowed. Credit qualifications apply. The rate you receive is determined by credit qualifications. Ask a loan officer for more information. A loan example: $25,000 financed at 3.49% APR for 60 months gives a monthly payment of $454.77. Additional loan example: $25,000 financed for 84 months at 4.24% APR would make the monthly payment $344.58.