Make The Switch

Switch your checking account to Fort Lee Federal Credit Union.



1. Open a Fort Lee Federal Credit Union checking account

New Members:
Join the credit union online or visit a branch.
Existing Members:
Open your account in Online Banking or visit a branch.

2. Stop using your old account and let transactions clear

Balance your old account.
Use the Account Balancing Worksheet to calculate how much you have or will have in your old account to cover outstanding deductions.

3. Change automatic deposits and deductions to your new account

Change any direct deposits.
Print and complete the Direct Deposit Form, instructing your employer and/or anyone else who pays you regularly to start depositing your check into your new FLFCU account. You may want to check to see if your employer or other payer have their own required form.
Change any automatic deductions.
Print and complete the Automatic Deduction Request to notify anyone who takes a payment automatically out of your old account to start withdrawing it from your new account.

4. Close your old account

Make the request to close your old account.
Print and complete the Account Closing Request Form after you make sure all items have cleared and any direct deposits and deductions are going to your new FLFCU checking account.

Remember to keep your records!